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Ziltoidian Overlords is a small casual Alliance guild on the Malfurion server. Currently we are focused on Heroics and Leveling.  We hope to build a good core group for 10 man raiding in Cataclysm.                                      

We are recruiting all classes, specs and levels. Use the Apply to Guild link on the left if you are interested in joining us.

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by Dur Edhil, 2736 days ago

"It is time, friends, for the world to shatter." -Zarhym

It is official. Today marks the day of the shattering. Due to this Nax will be canceled this week and we will start planning for Cata 10-mans.

Today you can roll your new Race/Class (except Goblin and Worgen) and explore the new Azeroth. Today, on WoW's 6th anniversary, Deathwing has changed the world we have grown to love.

I will see you all tonight in the new Azeroth.

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More Nax10 on November 23rd

by Dur Edhil, 2742 days ago

So as we discussed, we are going to go back to Nax10 on the 23rd and try our hand at the Plague Quarter. I figure we might also try the Military quarter and have added strats for both in the widget to the right.

There is one issue however. 4.0.3a, a.k.a The Shattering is on the PTR right now. It is very possible that this patch which includes the new race/class combos and the world changes gets released on Nov 23rd.

Should The Shattering be released on the 23rd, I am going to cancel the raid. The reasons for this are two fold. A major, (literally) world changing patch is not going to be stable and I expect the servers to be down all day. The second thing is I and hopefully others will want to see the new world, re-roll your new race/classes and experience whats changed before Cata is released.

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Plague Quarter down!

by Dur Edhil, 2742 days ago

Congrats to everyone on taking out the Plague quarter. We did it with a group of new raiders, only 9 people, and few deaths! For some reason I was unable to find the screenshot I took lastnight but I will keep looking to post it here.

I want to give a shout out to - Doofzilla. Nice job picking up the bosses after I let Maunka die.

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Nax-10 Tomorrow

by Dur Edhil, 2744 days ago

Alright everyone, don't forget that we are going to try our hand at Nax-10 tomorrow. Make sure to have your mods, flasks, stat food and watch the videos to the right.

Ventrilo info is on the Guild Info tab. We start at 7:30 server time. Be at the portal and be ready.

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by Dur Edhil, 2770 days ago

For those of you that didn't know, I will be at Blizzcon this weekend! I leave on the 21st and will not be back until late Sunday night. Try not to break anything while I am gone and try to recruit.

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